Identifying and Eliminating Negative Stress | ZAPSOCK

Negative Stress?

Wait? So does that mean that there is positive stress?


One of the great philosophers of our day, Jaime Gomez, taught me that negative stress is caused by not being able to do what you want because you must do the things that you need.

That is negative stress. The emotional state created when we are not able to do what we want.

Positive Stress

Positive stress is the result of needs without wants or wants without needs.

It is healthy.

It keeps you moving.

It gives you that adrenaline rush to get things done.

Eliminating Negative Stress

You will never eliminate the things that you need to do, if they are in fact true needs.

If you can eliminate it without worry, it is not a true need.

  1. Eliminate some of the things that you want.
  2. Want to do the things you need.
  3. Need to do the things you want.

Do what you love, and love what you do.

Want what you have, and you will never want again.