Hyper Niche Flat Tops | ZAPSOCK

This is probably one of the worst names for a post ever.

There is absolutely no seo value.

It doesn’t even make sense.

But I like it.

Those were the first words that came to mind when I saw this barber shop.

Senior rates.

Flat tops.

Senior rates is good for the location.

Hemet, CA has a high population seniors, so that makes sense.

Seniors come in every other week to get their hair cut and they only have a half a head o’ hair.

Makes sense.

But flat tops?

I haven’t seen someone with a flat top in a while.

You know how they do a flat top?

A giant flat comb and clippers.


So is this guy a genius or stuck in the 90’s?

I say he’s a genius.

Where else would you go to get a flat top?

Have you established your brand this way?