Wading through trials

Today I was reading in the Book of Mormon, in 1 Nephi, Ch. 17.

It starts out talking about how they traveled through the wilderness for about 8 years.

Prior to this we know that they had set out seeking the Promised Land.

During this time, they had children.

They suffered various things that they couldn’t even mention.

They couldn’t even make a lot of fire to cook their meat, so they ate raw meat.

It says that during that time, they “waded through affliction”.

And that they were made stronger because of their afflictions.

After the end of the eight years, they arrive at a place which they call Bountiful because if had a lot of fruit.

There was an abundance of resources.

In fact, the Spanish translation for Bountiful is Abundancia which literally meansĀ abundance.

So they were blessed after wading through afflictions for eight years.

But why?

Because they were obedient to the Lord and His commandments.

I started thinking on that.

Wading indicates that you are moving through some water or mud.

It means that the going will be slow. There will be resistance.

But, you keep moving.


Now this principle can be applied anywhere.

You can apply it to your own spiritual journey, to your business, to your health.

Whatever you want.

When you have a goal, a lot of times there are going to be some trials that you have to go through to achieve that goal.

There will be some metaphorical (or maybe actual, depending on your goals) mud, muck, and mire that you will have to wade through.

However, wading through that resistance is what is going to make you stronger as you work towards your goal.

Sometimes the biggest reward isn’t achieving the goal itself, but the journey you made working towards that goal.