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I have been reading Chris Anderson’s “Free.”

I am loving it.

It is very informational and exceptionally insightful.

As I was reading it I had an idea, and I am going to give it to you for FREE.

Here it is, I hope someone takes this idea and runs with it.

  1. Get some investors to invest some of their hard earned $$$.
  2. Build (or purchase) a movie theatre.
  3. You won’t need to focus on fancy stadium seating or anything like that.
  4. You GIVE the popcorn away to everyone. That’s right everyone.
  5. Every ticket stub comes with a coupon for a free medium popcorn. Not small, medium.

I don’t really feel like elaborating on why this is such a genius idea, but I will.

  • Everyone goes through your concession line.
  • People will be more prone to purchase other items: candy, soda, hot dogs.
  • The lines for the concessions will be longer, so you have ads playing on monitors located in the lines. Not just up on the walls.
  • More people will come to your theatre because you have free popcorn.

Why does this make sense? Because everyone knows that a 20 ounce serving of popcorn is NOT worth $5.00. It isn’t even worth 5 cents.

Your investment into this is minimal, but the returns will be extraordinary.

I truly hope someone does this.

By the way, I hate popcorn.

Good Marketing/Bad Marketing | ZAPSOCK

When I was a kid there was a show called Animaniacs. I think that this is a show that only those who are a couple years older or a couple years younger would remember it. It wasn’t on very long, but it was the show that first featured “Pinky and the Brain.” You got it now? Ok, there was also a segment that they would do called “Good Idea/Bad Idea.” It was some quirky little thing about how walking your dog was a good idea but having your dog walk you was a bad idea. So pretty ridiculous right? Anyway, I was watching this movie again and saw a great opportunity. So watch the clip as Uncle Rico demonstrates excellent marketing and his nephew Kip demonstrates poor marketing. And yes, this is marketing, not salesmanship. Sorry about it being just a link instead of embedding it. YouTube won’t allow embedding since the content is protected.

Good Marketing/Bad Marketing

I will let you decide what points are good marketing and which are bad marketing. I can give you pearls, but I can’t give you all of them!