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During my time as a missionary in Uruguay over seven years ago, I found myself in a very interesting situation.

We were preparing for a baptismal service. The baptismal font was inside the church building, but the water didn’t drain into a sewer line. It had to be pumped out.

However, this time the pump wasn’t working and there was water still in it from the previous two weeks. Disgusting, right?

We had to figure out a way to get the water out.

I had the idea to try a siphon. If you don’t know what a siphon is or how it works, it is a way to move water (liquid) through a length of hose or pipe. The trick to it is that the end of the hose where the water comes out has to be lower than the end where the water goes into the hose.

Siphon Diagram courtesy of University of Queensland

So we found a length of hose and stuck it down in the font. We took the other end out to the street which was pretty low, but not quite low enough.

After trying to make this work for an hour or so, we gave up on the idea and got some buckets to get the water out.

One of the church members that was there helping us, had the brilliant idea to “siphon the bucket.”

His idea was to fill up the bucket with water and then siphon it out of the bucket (a standard 5 gallon bucket). This would make the end of the hose much lower than the beginning of the hose causing the siphon to work.

I just looked at him.

Do you see the problem? Are you siphoning the bucket?

Are you so dependent upon a piece of technology or a method or a set way of thinking that even when the situation calls for some improvisation you still want to stick to what you know?

Think outside the box. Create paradigm shifts. Be a thought leader.

Don’t siphon the bucket.

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