Happy New Year!! | ZAPSOCK

So I took a break that was much too long. I have been working on a few different things. I was working on my wife’s website for a while. It isn’t finished yet. But it took me a while because I am not a web designer. Just because I am an Internet Marketer does not make me a web designer. I am a strategist. I am a master planner. I create plans and then execute those plans with the help of a team. The team is very small right now. So why was I doing my wife’s website? Because I wanted the experience. I wanted to know how to do it. It is fun to do, and it is good to know.

Also, the holidays have kept me rather busy. Now that the holidays are over and I have no New Year’s resolutions, I should have plenty of time. Classes start up again tomorrow.

So here is a Happy New Year to all. Make it a great one!