The Often Overlooked Art of Branding (pt. 2) | ZAPSOCK

I wanted to continue with my series on Branding, because branding is really one of my favorite parts about marketing. I enjoy being creative and coming up with ways to be different. I have been thinking a lot about storytelling recently. It is such an important part of branding. Many times we don’t really think of storytelling when we think of marketing or branding. But let take a look at a few marketing campaigns that have effectively used storytelling:

The Most Interesting Man in the World: (

I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t endorse drinking alcohol. But Dos Equis has one of the greatest campaigns overall as well as superior use of the art of storytelling. They have created a man known only as “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” And he is indeed. Watch this commercial.


Scarlet (formerly

This is another one that was a great use of storytelling, however, it didn’t last. It was only used up until the product launch. LG was launching their new TVs and they promoted “Scarlet” like a new TV series. Here is the link to another blog post about it for more information. I just want to give ya’ll a brief idea of some great campaigns. So why is storytelling so important? It helps customers relate on an emotional level. Whether that humor is emotion, excitement or whatever it may be. Help them feel emotional. The human animal is an emotional beast. And remember, it doesn’t HAVE to be a fictitious story. Maybe a true story is what your customers will relate with best.

Here are some links to some other great uses of storytelling:

Heroes (Television Series) Check out Exclusives>Official Sites and explore those different sites.