The Often Overlooked Art of Branding (pt. 1) | ZAPSOCK

How do you define your brand? It is my experience that most companies, products or services are at one of three places when it comes to the Art of Branding:

1. It is completely overlooked,

2. It is done completely wrong, due to misunderstanding what branding actually is, or

3. It is utilized correctly and they are successful at building their brand.

Those that fall in with #3, they are the ones at the top.

So what is branding? What would you say it is off the top of your head? Take a wild guess if you don’t know. What was the first word that came to your head? Logo? Icon? Branding Iron? Symbol?

No, no, no and no.

It isn’t a word. It isn’t a symbol. A brand is defined as the gut feeling that the consumer has about your company, product or service.

So how do you define your brand now?