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It is a tough job market out there. Unemployment rates are sky high. One of the biggest determining factors when employers are reviewing applicants isn’t necessarily a degree, it’s experience. A degree is important, but if you have no experience, do you know what that means to a potential employer? $$$ MONEY $$$ They have to spend lots of it in order to train you to do the job right. If they can hire someone who already knows what they are doing, that person is going to become profitable much sooner. And what if you don’t work out? All the wages they paid you during your training, WASTED. That isn’t something that anyone wants to do right now. With hundreds of applicants, employers are extremely picky with who they are hiring. Catch 22 right? So how do you get experience? Start your own business. Do you want a job teaching? Start tutoring kids. Do it for free. Experience is worth so much more. Do you want a job as a business executive? Start a business consultation business. Offer your services to these businesses for free. You will gain invaluable experience, exceptional knowledge and you may even like running your own business. If there aren’t any opportunities, make some. (And you can put it all on your resume!)

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    • Free? Not quite so *free* But I offer my marketing consultation services to those who need them. Pricing is different for everyone. Based on your production, needs and wants. (And how much I like you.)

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