The Amusement Park Mentality – Say MOOOOO!

So, I don’t think that picture is of an amusement park. But you get the idea.

I went to Disneyland with my family yesterday.

We are standing in line and I am looking at how they have the lines set up.

They are chains, ropes or rails. But they are all meant to contain you in a certain formation and order. I feel like I’m in a herd of cattle.

Have you ever gone to get on a ride that is empty but you have to walk all the way through the ropes to get to the front? When you could have just done what Shrek does and walk straight through them?

My kids love playing with the chains and climbing on the rails.

But we aren’t supposed to let them do that.

Where am I going with this?

In the amusement park of life, do we allow others to put up chains or ropes to tell us where we have to go?

Or do we forge our own paths like Shrek?

I think we need to be more ogre-ish every now and then.

We need to be more child like.

Break those chains. Tear right through them.