New Year’s Resolutions are Stupid

So I haven’t written much on this blog in a long while.

I started this post unsure of what I would write about.

I actually just started typing using writing in Hardcore Mode.

That means that you can’t stop typing or else you lose all your progress.

Lately, I have been thinking about a lot of things.

I am not even sure why I have kept this blog up, except for the history of it all.

I looked back and my most recent post was almost three years ago.

Awhile back, I had also moved the blog from different servers to new servers.

I am not even sure if I did that right. I’m pretty sure I didn’t

Lately, I have just been wanting to write more.

I did a vision board this year, instead of New Year’s Resolutions.

I don’t want to have New Year’s Resolutions, instead I would rather change my lifestyle.

I can do this by simply changing the things that I am doing each day.

New Year’s Resolutions and goals have too much of a temporary feel to them for me.

I feel like when we set a goal, and then we accomplish it or don’t accomplish it, then what?

Where do we go from there.

I feel that if we focus on changing our everyday lives, little by little, we will eventually achieve those things that we want.

That’s why I did the vision board.

That way I can have my “North Star” to guide me in my daily activities.

I can use it as my compass point to look at where i should be heading.

It isn’t necessarily a goal.

Goals are stupid and frustrating.

I don’t want to just have a list of things that I need to accomplish each day in order to check off progress towards a goal.

I would rather have things that I want to do each day that get me closer to what I want to become.

What we become is so much more more important than what we do.

I want to become something greater.

It is the difference of saying, “I want to lose weight” vs “I want to become healthy”

They are similar things, however, one is focused on the becoming, and the other is focused on just doing.

So go out there and become something. Don’t just do something.