How to kick down any door in three attempts or less

A friend recently leased a new building as part of a business expansion.

Apparently the handing over the keys part of the leasing process didn’t involve all sets of keys and there were rumors of lost keys.

So it was decided to simply change the locks.

So the locksmith arrived to change the locks.

This is a fairly simple process if you have the old keys.

If you don’t have the old keys, it is actually quite difficult, time consuming and expensive.

So my friend decided to kick down the door.

He had never kicked down a door, so he simply wound up and kicked, if that is the correct term.

And failed.

Taking courage once more, he struck the door and failed again.

Before the third attempt he thought to himself, “This is the last attempt. If I don’t get this, the locksmith will have to cut the door off.”

(It was a metal door.)

So harnessing all that energy and frustration of two failed attempts, he smashed his foot into the door and it flew open.

After he told me this story, I thought, that is how it is in business, life, family, or anything else really.

It’s always that third attempt.

But there are two different roads that can be taken when you get to that third attempt.


Failure is an option.

You might get to that third attempt and give it the obligatory third attempt simply for appearance’s sake.

You don’t think that you are going to be able to kick that door down, but you have to give it one final try.

This will in fact help you sleep at night when you wonder whether or not you did everything you could to save your business, family, marriage, etc.

You will be able to look back and see that you did make that third and final attempt.


Success is also an option.

You might get to that third attempt and say, “I’m not going to make any more attempts after this, so this one has to work.”

And then it does. Or it doesn’t.

Who knows. Maybe it wasn’t meant to work.

What’s the point here?

The point is, that only you know what is in your heart.

Succeed or fail, it really doesn’t matter.

But you have to know in your heart that you truly did all you could.

And even if you didn’t, there is no reason to mope around about it.

Get over it and don’t let it happen again.