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I have a problem:

I have zero extra time.

  • I literally have four jobs.
  • I am in grad school.
  • I participate actively in my church.
  • I have a wonderful wife and two kids.


  • I have to blog.
  • I have to Tweet.
  • I have to update my Facebook status.

So what do you do?

Plan ahead!

WordPress allows you to schedule posts. You can write your posts a week, month or even a year in advance.

Future Tweets allows you to schedule your Tweets.

Later Bro allows you to schedule Tweets from multiple Twitter accounts as well as Facebook accounts.

Leave a tip in the tip jar.

I just saved you an extra nine months of your life.


Utilize these tools to do more good more often.

Don’t just use them to automate your life.

Don’t be a robot.

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