My new hobby… Family History / Genealogy

So I haven’t written on here for about a week.

I got distracted with something new – Genealogy!

I never thought that I would be interested in Genealogy as much as I am.

It’s my new passion.

It’s amazing all the things that you can learn.

I even found a line in my pedigree that goes back thousands of years through all of these old Irish kings.

I have multiple great (x3 and x4) grandparents who were pioneers and came across the U.S. with Brigham Young and others.

There is also a lot of cool history that I am finding as I do this research.

So many cool stories about my family.

My great grandmother came to the U.S. from Switzerland when she was a little girl. On a ship. By herself.

My great, great grandfather was killed in an accident with a commuter train in Utah.

I have also really enjoyed reading the census records, looking at gravestones, and just trying to figure which kids belong to which family.

If you haven’t looked into your own family history, I highly recommend it.