Latest Updates at WP Engine – Transferable Installs and Billing Transfer

WP Engine is pleased to introduce transferable installs and billing transfer.

Whether you’re a designer or a developer, you want to make great websites, and you want to do it efficiently. With transferable installs and billing transfer, you can focus on doing great work without worrying over the tiresome administrative bits.

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Introducing Transferable Installs and Billing Transfer

Work more efficiently with transferable installs.

Transferable installs let you create an unrestricted number of development sites in your WP Engine account at no additional cost. Developers are no longer constrained by the number of live installs their WP Engine hosting plan allows.

More installs on your account means you can:
Develop and test multiple sites at the same time in a robust, secure environment without increasing your overhead
Reduce time and complexity of each project by eliminating the need to migrate from your dev environment to a live environment
Avoid time-consuming platform compatibility issues that can arise during migration
Transferable installs are available on every WP Engine plan.

How It Works

You can now create two different types of installs from the WP Engine user portal: a standard install or a transferable install. Standard installs are the same installs you’re already used to and come with a full gamut of privileges and options. You can create as many standard installs as your plan type allows. Transferable installs are automatically password-protected, so traffic is blocked while sites are still in development. You can create as many transferable installs as you need. Best of all, you can transfer completed sites to your client when it’s time to go live.

Eliminate Client Hosting Invoices With Billing Transfer

When a site is ready to go live, simply transfer the completed site, wp-admin dashboard, and bill to your client. We’ll invoice your client instead of you. After the transfer, you’ll still be able to access the install as a contributor, so you can continue to collaborate on the project for as long as you like.

Nobody likes dealing with hosting invoices, and now you don’t need to. It’s one more thing we take off your plate.

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