The Pizzeria Theorem: Absolute Failure For You and Your Brand in 30 Days or Less! | ZAPSOCK

So I have been noticing a lot of businesses going under lately.

Has anyone else seen this trend?

Is it due to the economy?

Personally I don’t think so.

At least not completely.

A Story
I still live in the same town where I grew up. There was a local pizza place called Premier Pizza. I don’t think I actually ever ate there, but I heard it was pretty popular. I drove by there recently and noticed that Premier Pizza is no longer there.  It’s something else. It’s another pizza place.

Now it’s entirely possible that the owner changed the name, but very unlikely.

The Reason
So assuming Premier Pizza has quickly gone the way of the buffalo, why?

Perhaps it was the location?

Perhaps it is the fact that there are several pizza places around town that offer $5 pizzas

I didn’t see any signs indicating that they were competing with the $5 pizza biz.

To me it just doesn’t seem like a very good idea to invest in the  exact same business that had failed there before.

And it wasn’t the economy so much as it was a failure to adapt.

What are you doing to adapt?

Or are you going to just keep doing what the other lemmings do?