Prediction: You Heard it Here First! | ZAPSOCK

Cell Phones

Cell phones used to be huge.

Then they got super tiny.

Then they got smart and they started growing again.

They now have a phone that doubles as a computer. (It docks into a notebook-type base.)


Computers used to be ginormous.

They gradually got smaller. (See Moore’s Law)

Computers became laptops.

Laptops caused sterility and became notebooks.

Notebooks were too big and became netbooks.

Netbooks became tablets.

Tablets got smaller.

My Prediction

Phones will get bigger.

Tablets will get smaller.

Soon there will only be large smart phones.

They will be big enough to be used as tablets and small enough to be used as phones.

They will also be more powerful than your current desktop PC (or Mac if you prefer.)

This device will be your entire life.

It will contain your entire life.

It will dock in a peripheral at work.

It will dock in a peripheral at home.

It will cost around $499 for the base model.

It will be Flash compatible.


Are we getting closer?