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In my experience, one of the hardest things to do is define a new venture.

Working on a team project can make this much more difficult or much easier.

So how do you define what your brand is?

First off, YOU DON’T. Your consumers do. That is Brand Development 2.0 baby!

But you still have to guide your consumers. You need to lead them. You need to find your tribe.

Step 1: Brainstorm

I use a mindmap.

You can do this on paper or there are a number of free apps out there for mindmapping.

Freemind is one that I have used.

I just downloaded another one, of FreeMind.

Get all of your ideas out. Good and bad. Especially the bad. Get them all down and get them organized however you see fit.

Step 2: Eliminate

Start going through everything that you have put down on paper (or your computer).

Find the paths that will lead you to your goals. Eliminate the paths you don’t need.

Step 3: Narrow

Narrow your focus. Focus on one aspect of one final outcome.

This is your brand.

This is what you will take to your consumers.

Where do you want to be? You will be most successful if you can focus your energies on one outcome instead of multiple outcomes.

Your fans will tell you whether or not you have chosen wisely.

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