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How to kick down any door in three attempts or less

A friend recently leased a new building as part of a business expansion.

Apparently the handing over the keys part of the leasing process didn’t involve all sets of keys and there were rumors of lost keys.

So it was decided to simply change the locks.

So the locksmith arrived to change the locks.

This is a fairly simple process if you have the old keys.

If you don’t have the old keys, it is actually quite difficult, time consuming and expensive.

So my friend decided to kick down the door.

He had never kicked down a door, so he simply wound up and kicked, if that is the correct term.

And failed.

Taking courage once more, he struck the door and failed again.

Before the third attempt he thought to himself, “This is the last attempt. If I don’t get this, the locksmith will have to cut the door off.”

(It was a metal door.)

So harnessing all that energy and frustration of two failed attempts, he smashed his foot into the door and it flew open.

After he told me this story, I thought, that is how it is in business, life, family, or anything else really.

It’s always that third attempt.

But there are two different roads that can be taken when you get to that third attempt.


Failure is an option.

You might get to that third attempt and give it the obligatory third attempt simply for appearance’s sake.

You don’t think that you are going to be able to kick that door down, but you have to give it one final try.

This will in fact help you sleep at night when you wonder whether or not you did everything you could to save your business, family, marriage, etc.

You will be able to look back and see that you did make that third and final attempt.


Success is also an option.

You might get to that third attempt and say, “I’m not going to make any more attempts after this, so this one has to work.”

And then it does. Or it doesn’t.

Who knows. Maybe it wasn’t meant to work.

What’s the point here?

The point is, that only you know what is in your heart.

Succeed or fail, it really doesn’t matter.

But you have to know in your heart that you truly did all you could.

And even if you didn’t, there is no reason to mope around about it.

Get over it and don’t let it happen again.


Terry Copper and the Twilight Games Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Pixocero School for the Incredibly Gifted and Otherwise

Bacon Cove, Newfoundland, Canada

Professor Satius Snivly sat in his quarters. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do. All he knew was that he had to protect the children. There was danger afoot and he had to find out what was going on. This Dave Smith was a suspicious fellow indeed. His background check only went back 2 years. How could the Headmaster not be more worried about this?

Satius knew the answer. Professor Stumblemore truly cared about the school. He had been Headmaster for nearly 100 years. The school was truly the only thing that the Headmaster had ever loved. He had been at the school during the height of its glory and he had seen it fall to ruin. He must have felt some sort of responsibility for that. There were very few magic schools left in the world. Snivly did not know of any, but he was sure that they must exist. Wizards and witches continued to exist. And so the schools must continue on as well.

Professor Stumblemore was doing everything he could to keep the school alive. Converting into a public school had been a very difficult decision for him. Snivly remembered it well. He had actually been a student at the school when it had happened.

The school had been in shambles. The staff was minimal. They had been cutting back on classes. Attendance was very low. Professor Stumblemore had called an assembly of all the students and staff to make the announcement, right before everyone left to go home for Christmas.

Pixocero was to become a public school. When all the students returned from their holidays, they would be joined by new students.

New students who didn’t know anything about magic.

New students who were just plain, mundane, vanilla mortals.

Young Satius had been distraught. Having grown up in a wizarding family, he had never really been around regular people. He didn’t really know how to act. He soon learned however. When he returned from break, he had two new roommates in his dormitory. Young Satius belonged to Hall 2. Hall 2 was a hall with an extensive history. It had long been the home of the brightest and best students.

Satius found himself somewhat wary of the newcomers. They knew nothing of magic. They weren’t even planning on studying magic.

Satius began to study alone. He stopped spending time with other students. The other wizards and witches began to be more and more accepting of the new students. But not Satius. He had a legacy to uphold. He would not be caught mingling with such filth.

One spring afternoon, Satius found himself wandering alone through the campus gardens. He often marveled at these gardens. They stayed green and the flowers bloomed all year round in spite of the freezing temperatures. This was some powerful magic indeed to be able to maintain such a spell over such a large area. As he was walking, he saw a girl sitting off to the side on a patch of grass. Satius slowed his pace slightly and found himself admiring her incredible beauty. She had long hair that reminded Satius of the wheat fields near his home. The color a wonderful mix of blonde and brown that seemed to flow endlessly. She looked up from her text book and saw Satius. She smiled, simply acknowledging his presence and he quickly turned his head, embarrassed.

Satius had never been very comfortable around people in general, let alone the opposite sex. He never knew what to say around an attractive girl. He continued his laggardly pace and soon found himself standing in front of her. Before his brain knew what he was doing he extended his hand, “I’m Satius. How are you?”

‘That seemed rather formal,’ he thought to himself. ‘I’ve really done it now.’

“I’m Margaret. I’m new here.” She took his hand and shook it firmly, but delicately at the same time.

At once Satius realized his mistake. He had approached one of the new students. One of the Non-magic students. But for some reason he didn’t care. He looked her in the eye and asked, “Where are you from?”

And that is how Satius and Margaret came to know each other and a very deep bond formed between them. Satius loved Margaret from the first moment he saw her. Margaret of course only loved him as a friend. Or even worse, a brother. The romance that Satius envisioned would never be. No matter how hard he tried. However, because of this love, he continued to be Margaret’s friend. Not because he held on to the wish that perhaps they could be more, but because he truly cared about her friendship as well.

Satius also learned that Margaret was, in fact, not one of the Non-magic students who came in to the school recently. She was raised in a Magic family, but because her own abilities were so weak, she had not been admitted into Pixocero (until of course they became a public school). She was ashamed of this fact. Her own parents were very powerful magic users. They were often called upon by the Great Magical Council of Magic Users to provide advice on whatever issue needed advising.

However, as Margaret and Satius studied together, Margaret found that her magical abilities began to grow. She soon rivaled Satius in pure power alone. Magical tasks that once seemed very difficult, were very simple to her. Satius was happy for her at first. However, he soon grew jealous of her abilities, as well as the attention that her talents brought her. Not only were the professors taking notice of her abilities, fellow classmates were as well. Margaret soon became very popular with her fellow alums, and spent time with them. She always invited Satius to join them, but he never felt comfortable around anyone else like he did around Margaret.

Satius soon fell back into his old habits of wandering the school grounds alone. If he saw Margaret with her new friends he would turn the other way. He grew bitter. He let his hygiene falter. His hair grew long and unkempt. He rarely bathed. His teeth turned even more yellow. However, as his hatred and contempt grew, he noticed that he was able to tap into this emotional energy

Terry Copper and the Twilight Games Chapter 5

My notes before starting to write again. So here I am again. Embarking on this challenge to write a book in 30 days. February only has 28 days, buy since I did this for 2 days last year, that will equal 30. In order to prepare for this, I went back and read the previous chapters. And they are awesome. There are a few typos. And errors. Just keep in mind that this is my writing laboratory. After I am done with this challenge then I will go back and edit and rewrite. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. You can help write this book.

Day One: Prologue – Chapter 2

Day Two – Chapters 3 & 4

I actually started writing chapter 5 and then I found another version I had written a year ago. It is interesting how I went in a similar direction. I will let you choose which version to use.

And so here is chapter 5.

Chapter 5 (From a year ago)

Pixocero Public School for the Incredibly Gifted and Otherwise

Bacon Cove, Newfoundland, Canada

The sound of the train rolling into the station was incredibly loud as always. Metal grinding against metal as the conductor applied the brakes. Smoke filled the air and billowed around the bystanders on the platform. Munder wondered at all of this. He could never figure out why this top of the line electric train behaved like a 19th century steam engine. This in addition to how it even got to Newfoundland in the first place. He could never quite figure that out either. He had been at Pixocero for many, many years. In fact he was a former student himself. He now worked as the groundskeeper which proved to be somewhat of a difficult task considering he was just over two feet tall.

With his red curly beard and pointed ears it wasn’t difficult to guess where he got his stature. His family never understood why he would take a job. It wasn’t in their nature. As leprechauns, they simply took gold where they could find it and horded it in their secret vaults. Munder was different though. Somehow he had been blessed (or cursed, depending on who you were) with a good work ethic. He always found the thieving lifestyle to be lazy. He never felt good about himself when he was thieving gold. He enjoyed a hard day’s work.

And now it was part of that job to pick up the students for the upcoming school year here at the train station. He could see inside the windows and he was able to pick out a few faces that he recognized from last year. He was glad a few of them had returned. Others not so much. The entire train was filled with students and so it would take a while to get them all situated on the platform and ready to take back to the school. One of the other things that he never really understood was why, since it was a magic train, it wasn’t able to just show up at the school? Why did it have to show up at a train station 20 miles from the school? It was just one of those things that would never make any sense.

The older, returning students were first off the train. They greeted Munder by name, all excited to see him. He smiled back at them and directed them to the staging area before they would all begin the walk back to the school. He saw one boy, a new student, as he was getting off the train. He had white hair and pink eyes. He was an albino. He was dressed in expensive clothing and had brand new luggage. He spoke with a dignified air and one could easily see that he came from a wealthy family. The new boy approached Munder and said, “Oh look at the little wee man! Isn’t it cute! I shall have to ask my father to buy me one! It would make for a wonderful pet!”

Munder stood there fuming. His face turned bright read and smoke started coming out of his ears. He said in his booming baritone, “What is your name boy?”

The boy, sensing his authority, faltered. “Bravo MacCoy sir. I’m sorry sir. I didn’t think that you were real.”

“Of course I am real boy! Haven’t you ever seen a leprechaun before! I can make your life a living hell boy! You had better learn to be more careful about who you are speaking to and how you address them. I can easily teach you some respect!”

The boy cowered and backed away. His friends snickering and giggling at his defeat.

 Chapter 5 (New Version)

PPS, bacon cove, Newfoundland (that’s in Canada)

After the ride on the train Terry was exhausted. It was a ridiculously long train ride. In fact, Terry didn’t understand why he even had to ride a train. Were there really no airports that could get him close? He didn’t want to spend any more time thinking about the train ride. That would be ridiculous. Why would he spend so much time  belaboring something so ridiculous as a train ride where he met some very strange characters who probably won’t even impact his time while at school.

“Terry Copper!”

Someone shouted his name.

The voice sounded very large. And there was a strange accent to it. It sounded like it should belong to a cockney giant. Or half giant at the very least.

Terry looked around but he couldn’t locate the source.

He heard the voice again.

“Over here you fool!” The voice boomed. It wasn’t that it was necessarily loud. It was just a big voice. One that could fill a forest.

Terry found him. He was a tiny man. He couldn’t have been more than 3 ft tall. But his head and hands were much too large for his body. It wasn’t  clear how his neck supported such a mass. His head was nearly as wide as his shoulders.

The man reached out a massive man paw to Terry and said in the strangely booming voice, “I’m Sadgrin. I’m the groundskeeper here at the school. I also like to befriend young male students and invite them to my home. But never in a creepy way.”

Terry hesitantly shook the massive meat hook.

“I’m Terry Copper. I lost my parents at a young age and have very low self esteem which causes me to perform poorly in school. But I usually get extremely lucky when it matters most.”

Sadgrin smiled. It was a hideous site. Crooked teeth and bits of broccoli or perhaps kale. “I know who you are Terry. I’ve been watching you since you were a baby. But not in a creepy way of course.”

“Of course not. I’m perfectly okay with that. You must have known my parents then.”

Sadgrin smiled again, “Actually no.” And he held that smile a few seconds too long.

“Oh,” said Terry.

“Well come along then,” said Sadgrin. There are a lot more students to process. Go get in the carriage.

Terry did as instructed.

As he sat down and looked around, he began to wonder what the next nine months of so of his life would bring. He had researched the school somewhat and M had told him quite a bit. He wasn’t sure if she had actually been here, as teacher or student, or not. But she did seem to know an awful lot about the place.

He knew that Professor Stumblemore was old. Very old. M had told him that many times he came across as downright crazy. He liked to give off the impression that he was a very powerful wizard, but when it came down to it, he could barely tie his own shoes. This didn’t concern Terry very much since he figured he wouldn’t be spending much time with the school’s headmaster. It was not very likely that the headmaster would ever spend an excessive amount of time alone with a student or take him on dangerous adventures.

As Terry sat pensively, he felt the weight of the carriage shift slightly. Again he thought to himself, “Seriously? Carriages? Why not cars?” This wizarding thing was going to take some getting used to.

He looked over at the new passengers who had just climbed into the carriage. As he looked at them, he hoped that these students would not become his best friends over the course of their years together at school. But he also could not help but think that their strategic placement in the same carriage may influence that destiny in ways that were completely out of his control.

The shaggy haired boy spoke first. He looked filthy. He smelled filthy. In fact, he reminded Terry of the homeless man that he had once come across when he was leaving M’s shop. Except he was a kid. He was probably about the same age as Terry. He had greasy skin and bad teeth. His pock marked face was evidence of an all too recent acne infestation.

“Donald Beesly’s the name!” and he stuck out his filthy right hand. It was covered in dirt or grease or perhaps something else even more unmentionable. Terry looked at the hand and grimaced. He didn’t move to shake it, but replied matter of factly, “Terry Copper.”

The boy and the girl blinked and stared. Then they looked at each other in disbelief. They turned back to Terry and then back to each other.

This process repeated itself the necessary amount of times to produce a comedic affect without being overly awkward.

The girl spoke next. She had very long unkempt hair and very large eyes. They seemed to bulge from her head when she spoke. “I’m Morphiana Ranger. Yes I know it is a strange name. But it isn’t strange where I come from. My parents were big fans of the Matrix and they really wanted a boy named Morpheus. Since I am obviously not a boy, I was a huge disappointment and they gave me a name that they hoped would shame me for the rest of my life. But I love it. I think that it is a great name for a mighty witch like me.”

Terry replied, “What is your middle name?”

Morphiana said without hesitating, “Powder. My parents also really liked the movie Powder. However, that would have been a horrible name even for a boy.”

“And you are a mighty witch?” asked Donald.


Terry said, “So, you as you gain more renown in your witch career you will be known as ‘Mighty Morphiana Powder Ranger’?”

Morphiana suddenly became very quiet. She had a look on her face as if she was contemplating something very serious. Suddenly she shrieked, “That is fantastic!” I love it! It is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much Terry! It isn’t every day you meet someone famous and they help you find a wonderful witch name!”

Terry felt something odd. He wasn’t sure what the feeling was. He might be able to figure it out with a thesaurus, but he wouldn’t worry about it for just now. He said, “Wait, who’s famous?”

Donald looked at Terry and replied, “Well you are. Didn’t you know? Ever since That-One-Dude killed your parents and you survived.”

Terry felt something other feel that he couldn’t determine. “What do you mean my parents were killed? They died in an accident of now suspicious nature at all.”

At this point Morphiana, who had been musing over her name, cried out, “Oh Terry!” and threw her arms around him. “I’m so sorry you had to find out this way! There are so many things that are probably being kept from you and would make your life so much easier if people would simply tell them to you before it was too late.”

Terry felt sick at these new revelations. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into. He wished that he could speak with M. He wished that he was back home again, even if that meant putting up with his grandmother. He started to get out of the carriage when it started moving. The doors shut automatically and a voice shouted, “Next stop Pixocero School for the Incredibly Gifted and Otherwise!”

Terry realized that he wasn’t going anywhere so he sat back down. As the carriages started moving, he thought to himself, “Well, what’s the worst that could happen?”

30 Day Challenges Update

So I have been doing this 30 Day Challenge Paleo thing pretty well. I am feeling good. I like the food that I am eating.

I haven’t really had any cravings too bad.

I wanted some junk food and so I got some coconut ice cream. I honestly thought it was paleo, but then I found out after that it isn’t. But it made me sick anyway.

I have lost about 13 lbs so far. I haven’t measured myself. I am pretty sure I have lost a few inches also.