3 Free Brand Monitoring Tools (You Only Need Three) | ZAPSOCK

I know that this is a topic that has been talked about many times.

But things change.

I am going to tell you what has changed.

I found an article on Mashable that was great.

It talks a lot about utilizing different websites to monitor your brand.

Well, some of those websites have changed.

Backtweets/Backtype no longer offers a free service. You have to sign up with a paid service

Which is great, but the keyword here in this article is freeeeeeeeee. (You’re killing me Larry!)

The other sites are free as well and a lot of them are still there, but they aren’t needed.

So here is my guide:

Google Reader

If you don’t have a Google account, set one up. It’s easy.

Go to the Google Reader site to add Reader to your Google account.

Go to the Google Alerts site, set up your search terms and set the “Deliver to:” field to “Feed.”

If you so desire, you can choose to only search News, Blogs, Videos, Discussions or Everything. I recommend Everything. You can also choose to show all the results or only the best results.

Keep in mind that this is just like doing a Google search so you can use various operators to be more precise in your search.

You may want to set up various feeds for different keywords.

You should be monitoring your brand name, your product names, your industry and even your competitors. You may even set one up for your own name.


Twitter has a search feature in case you didn’t know.

You can run a search and set up your parameters and then you can pull the RSS feed for that search.

Then you can subscribe to that search in Google Reader!

Where’s the Easy Button?

Social Mention

Unfortunately, I have not been able to add the results from Social Mention to my Google Reader account.

An error kept coming up.

But Social Mention picks up everything else that gets missed. (In theory).

Set up you search and you can send yourself up for email alerts.

And there it is.

The Marketing Industry is Finished | ZAPSOCK

Well, maybe not.

But are we really marketing?

It isn’t sales.

Sales is sales and marketing is marketing.

But I don’t want to define something by what it isn’t.

Marketing is communication.

A Story

I was recently speaking with a prospective client.

He has been in business for a very long time.

He has been successful.

He wanted to learn how to market with Facebook.

My first thought was,”Sure.”

My second thought was, “You can’t market with Facebook. Facebook is a means of engaging your consumers.”

And I thought about it more.

I realized that is what marketing is [supposed to be].

Real World Application

This post isn’t a plug for Facebook.

In fact I have been using Google+ quite a bit.

It is a plug for marketers to get back to being marketers.

Don’t be salesmen.

Don’t be billboards.

Be marketers.

Communicate and engage.

As Brian Solis says, “Engage or Die”

Don’t Push

Pushing works, but they will resent you.

Who has the worst rep amongst salesmen?

Used car salesmen?

Real estate agents?

You hate them.

But go to them.

But do you ever go back to the same one again?

Pushy marketers are worse than pushy salesmen.


What do people really want?

They want to know that you care.

Take the extra minute to ask someone how they are.

Take the extra five minutes to get to know someone.

It will make all the difference.

You will pull them to you and they will keep coming back to you.


Social media is not marketing.

It is a tool we use to communicate.



Please don’t confuse what I am saying with Push vs. Pull Marketing.  I am talking about pushing people away and pulling them in to you via communication and relationship building. Push and Pull Marketing refers primarily to ad placement and how you get your message out.