The Ultimate Keys to Success in Life (hint, it has nothing to do with how hard you work)

So it has been a while since I have written in here.

It’s interesting that I usually only write when things are going well.

I think that some part of us doesn’t want to share when things are going well.

We only want people to see the good in us.

And it isn’t that things weren’t going well for me the past few months.

It’s that I wasn’t being consistent with the goals that I had set for myself.

I started the new year strong with the Miracle Morning, waking up early, and doing really well for about the first month of the year.

The first month of the year was kind of a high-energy sprint form me.

I was eating healthy.

I was going to the gym.

I was doing all the things that I was supposed to be doing.

And so I was excited to talk about it.

In the next few months that followed, I stopped waking up early.

I wasn’t as dedicated to my morning routine.

I just wasn’t proactive with my life.

I wasn’t eating healthy.

And so I just didn’t feel good.

And when you don’t feel good, you really don’t want to talk about it with anyone.

Especially a public audience such as a blog.

So now I’m feeling a lot better about a lot of things.

I’ve actually been eating pretty healthy for the last two months.

I started going back to the gym last week.

I’ve lost almost 30 pounds in the past two months.

I was telling my wife last night before I went to sleep that it is funny how when you start doing things right, you just feel better.

And you notice a significant difference.

Because you remember how you used to feel when you weren’t doing anything right.

You have that comparison, that contrast.

When you remember how all the bad times felt, you’re more likely to keep doing the good things to feel good.

However one thing that happens is when things go well and we feel good, we forget about what those bad times felt like.

We forget about the people who were there for us when things were bad.

Forget about those who gave us strength to get out of that rut.

We start thinking that it was our own strength that carried us through.

I know that it was God that gave me strength.

Even though things were still going well for me, I definitely hadn’t hit rock bottom.

But I wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t happy with myself.

I wasn’t happy with how I felt.

It’s interesting if you look back at your life and you start tracking the cycles that you go through, you can identify patterns.

In the Book of Mormon we read about the pride cycle.

The people in the Book of Mormon would go through these cycles where for a period of time they were righteous, and they kept God’s commandments.

And then they were blessed.

God blessed them with success and material possessions.

The problem with this however was that they soon started thinking that it was by their own hand that they had this success and possessions.

And they forgot about God.

And so God stopped blessing them.

I think I just missed my exit.

By the way I’m dictating this blog as I drive.

So hopefully that makes more sense as to why I missed my exit.

So anyway, back to the pride cycle.


When God stopped blessing the people because they no longer recognize his hand in their success they lost that success.

They lost those material possessions.

And because of this they were humbled.

They were compelled to be humble.

Which meant that they started to look to the Lord again.

They started to look to God to bless them and take care of them because they had lost those blessings that He was giving them before.

You can look at that in your own life.

And see where you fall into that.

Make sure that you’re acknowledging those who have had a hand in your success. And continue to give gratitude to them.

I look back at what I’ve done with my life for the past 10 years.

I’ve seen this cycle in my own life.

I do well.

I get healthy.

I forget.

The key to success is that you can’t forget.

You have to remember.

Remember who it is that got you to where you are.

Whether that is God, a friend, a spouse, a mentor, or your children even.

Don’t forget where you have been, what you’ve done, and what others have done to get you to where you are today.

The key to success is to be grateful.

The key to success in this life is to give more than you take.

That doesn’t really make sense from a mathematical standpoint.

How does Johnny end up with more if he gives more than he takes.

By that rationale you won’t have anything left and you’ll be in debt.

But the cosmos work in a different way.

You give more than you take.

And it builds up your karmic bank accounts.

You build interest.

You make deposits every time you serve, and you give.

And when you take instead of give, you take from the bank accounts.

Make sure you give more than you take.

And that is the key to success.

So that is the challenge for today.

Figure out how you can give more than you take.

Figure out how you can serve and be selfless.

Because really that’s the purpose of this life.

It’s to figure out how to overcome that selfish nature that we all inherently have.

Go out there and do something amazing.

You Can Save Children’s Lives, Here’s How…

So I know that I haven’t posted on here in a while, but I had to take the time to post about this.

Let me give a little backstory first.

August 2017, my wife attended a conference for women and when she came back, she told me all about one of the speakers there who really touched her heart. His name is Tim Ballard.

She told me all about Operation Underground Railroad and what they are doing to stop child trafficking and child sex slavery. She also told me about how on one of the missions that Tim Ballard was on, he became instantly connected to two kids that they saved who were brother and sister. And they ended up adopting them. But because they were in Haiti, the adoption process was taking over three years to finalize.

So fast forward to last week. We had our annual ClickFunnels user conference Funnel Hacking Live with over 3,000 attendees.

On day 1, we showed the documentary that ClickFunnels helped put together for Operation Underground Railroad and it was absolutely incredible. We had donation forms at the back of the room, and we raised over $650K for them during the event. ClickFunnels founders Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson matched the donations dollar for dollar bringing the total event donations to $1.3M which is absolutely incredible.

It was extremely difficult not to get emotional during the documentary. However, it was even more difficult when everyone was coming up to the table to fill out the donation forms and seeing what everyone was giving to support this cause.

We also gave shirts away to those who donated and I love these shirts. They sum up O.U.R.’s mission perfectly.

If you are interested in learning more about Operation Underground Railroad please click the link here:

If you are interested in learning more about ClickFunnels, click here.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the best part, Tim left right after speaking to us Wednesday night to finally go pick up his kids in Haiti with his wife.

We were able to Skype them into the event Saturday right before Tony Robbins spoke to let them know how much we were able to raise. It was awesome to be able to see him with his kids in his home in Utah.

I sent this pic to my wife from the event. I absolutely love the huge smiles on these kids faces.

It is so incredible what Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad are doing to save children’s lives all over the world.

My new hobby… Family History / Genealogy

So I haven’t written on here for about a week.

I got distracted with something new – Genealogy!

I never thought that I would be interested in Genealogy as much as I am.

It’s my new passion.

It’s amazing all the things that you can learn.

I even found a line in my pedigree that goes back thousands of years through all of these old Irish kings.

I have multiple great (x3 and x4) grandparents who were pioneers and came across the U.S. with Brigham Young and others.

There is also a lot of cool history that I am finding as I do this research.

So many cool stories about my family.

My great grandmother came to the U.S. from Switzerland when she was a little girl. On a ship. By herself.

My great, great grandfather was killed in an accident with a commuter train in Utah.

I have also really enjoyed reading the census records, looking at gravestones, and just trying to figure which kids belong to which family.

If you haven’t looked into your own family history, I highly recommend it.

Another Miracle Morning (I woke up at 4AM on Saturday… and I liked it!)

So I finished reading The Miracle Morning yesterday.

I did all the stuff that it says.

I printed the things.

I made my affirmations.

The only thing that I don’t have yet is an accountability partner.

Granted, that one was optional.

Hal also says that you should move your alarm clock away from your bed.

I don’t think that I am going to do that though.

I use an app called Sleep Cycle to track my sleep.

It records your breathing and movement, and then it wakes you up in the optimal sleep phase.

That way you aren’t tired when you wake up.

But I am excited. I am actually going to go workout today too.

It is a Saturday, so the CrossFit class that I am going to be going to doesn’t start until 10:00 AM.

So I have a few minutes.

But I actually woke up at 4:00 AM on a Saturday.

That is insane, right?

I woke up I did all my things that he says to in the book.

After that, It was only 6:30. So I made some breakfast.

After that though, the house was quiet.

I didn’t have anywhere to be.

As I mentioned, I am not going to go workout until 10:00 AM.

So I had to kill some time.

I decided to do the dishes.

This was also a part of one of my affirmations to be a better spouse.

I don’t really like helping out around the house.

We moved into this house over 1 1/2 years ago.

And honestly, I don’t think that I have done the dishes once.


So I did the dishes.

And it feels good.

I had actually been feeling really depressed since about Thanksgiving.

I don’t know if it is Seasonal Affect Disorder, or just being depressed about being overweight.

But anyway, I started taking some vitamin D, and I do my Miracle Morning.

And I feel amazing. I have done it five days in a row so far.

I highly recommend checking out The Miracle Morning if you haven’t yet.

Oh yeah, I am thinking about writing another book as well.

I’m just trying to figure out what.

This Miracle Morning stuff works!

I’ve got all these plans.

I might even bring back the 30 Day Challenges…

Wading through trials

Today I was reading in the Book of Mormon, in 1 Nephi, Ch. 17.

It starts out talking about how they traveled through the wilderness for about 8 years.

Prior to this we know that they had set out seeking the Promised Land.

During this time, they had children.

They suffered various things that they couldn’t even mention.

They couldn’t even make a lot of fire to cook their meat, so they ate raw meat.

It says that during that time, they “waded through affliction”.

And that they were made stronger because of their afflictions.

After the end of the eight years, they arrive at a place which they call Bountiful because if had a lot of fruit.

There was an abundance of resources.

In fact, the Spanish translation for Bountiful is Abundancia which literally means abundance.

So they were blessed after wading through afflictions for eight years.

But why?

Because they were obedient to the Lord and His commandments.

I started thinking on that.

Wading indicates that you are moving through some water or mud.

It means that the going will be slow. There will be resistance.

But, you keep moving.


Now this principle can be applied anywhere.

You can apply it to your own spiritual journey, to your business, to your health.

Whatever you want.

When you have a goal, a lot of times there are going to be some trials that you have to go through to achieve that goal.

There will be some metaphorical (or maybe actual, depending on your goals) mud, muck, and mire that you will have to wade through.

However, wading through that resistance is what is going to make you stronger as you work towards your goal.

Sometimes the biggest reward isn’t achieving the goal itself, but the journey you made working towards that goal.

The Miracle Morning

Good morning.

I am writing this at 6:09 AM and I have been up since 4:30 AM

I do not like getting up early.

Someone at work recently recommended reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

I haven’t read the entire thing yet, but I am in the middle of reading it.

I think that I have read two chapters so far.

But I have a good idea of what I want to accomplish from my mornings so far.

Afraid of Working Out

I haven’t starting working out yet this year.

For some reason I am afraid to go work out.

I don’t know what it is.

I know that as soon as I do it, I will love it and I will feel good though.

Unable to Wake Up Early

For a long time, I wasn’t really able to get up early.

I say that literally.

I was recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, and I have had it for a long time I guess.

So now that I have the CPAP deal, I sleep a lot better.

I don’t get tired as much as I did.

I feel great.

I don’t drink energy drinks anymore either.

I used to feel exhausted all day long even after getting 9-10 hours of sleep.

If you feel tired constantly or you snore excessively, I highly recommend asking your doctor about getting a sleep study done.

It can change your life.

There are also other areas of your health that can be dramatically improved.

Back to My Mornings

I just wanted to talk about what I am doing in my mornings.

I wake up.

I pray/meditate.

Then I write in my journal.

I then do a spiritual based study in the scriptures or something similar.

After that, I write in my journal.

I also have a vision board that I just created, and I spend some time looking at thtat.

I also have a sheet of “affirmations” as Hal calls them in The Miracle Morning.

I keep that in my journal. and I look at it and read through it after I write in my journal.

Honestly, I haven’t seen too many effects from this yet. But I am confident that I will.

I keep a checklist of these things and the other things that I need to do on a daily basis on an index card.

The following day, I tape that index card into my journal next to the appropriate date entry.

I have only been doing this for a few days, so we will see how it goes.

This is also something that I plan on doing every day.

I want to remain consistent with it, so even on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday’s I have meetings at 6:00AM anyway at the church. So I have to get up early.

So I might as well get up early on Saturdays too.

“I hate running.”

There is a quote in the book when the author’s friend Jon tells him that he should go running in the morning to improve his life.

The author says, “I hate running.”

His friend Jon immediately replies, “What do you hate worse, running… or your current life situation.”

I think that can be applied anytime that we are faced with something that we don’t feel like doing, but we know that it will have a positive effect.

“I am afraid of going to the gym.”

“What are you afraid of more, going to the gym… or being unhealthy for the rest of your life?”

If you are interested in getting your own copy of The Miracle Morning, click my link below. (And yes, full disclaimer, I make a little commission off of it, when you buy it using my link.)

New Year’s Resolutions are Stupid

So I haven’t written much on this blog in a long while.

I started this post unsure of what I would write about.

I actually just started typing using writing in Hardcore Mode.

That means that you can’t stop typing or else you lose all your progress.

Lately, I have been thinking about a lot of things.

I am not even sure why I have kept this blog up, except for the history of it all.

I looked back and my most recent post was almost three years ago.

Awhile back, I had also moved the blog from different servers to new servers.

I am not even sure if I did that right. I’m pretty sure I didn’t

Lately, I have just been wanting to write more.

I did a vision board this year, instead of New Year’s Resolutions.

I don’t want to have New Year’s Resolutions, instead I would rather change my lifestyle.

I can do this by simply changing the things that I am doing each day.

New Year’s Resolutions and goals have too much of a temporary feel to them for me.

I feel like when we set a goal, and then we accomplish it or don’t accomplish it, then what?

Where do we go from there.

I feel that if we focus on changing our everyday lives, little by little, we will eventually achieve those things that we want.

That’s why I did the vision board.

That way I can have my “North Star” to guide me in my daily activities.

I can use it as my compass point to look at where i should be heading.

It isn’t necessarily a goal.

Goals are stupid and frustrating.

I don’t want to just have a list of things that I need to accomplish each day in order to check off progress towards a goal.

I would rather have things that I want to do each day that get me closer to what I want to become.

What we become is so much more more important than what we do.

I want to become something greater.

It is the difference of saying, “I want to lose weight” vs “I want to become healthy”

They are similar things, however, one is focused on the becoming, and the other is focused on just doing.

So go out there and become something. Don’t just do something.

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How to Save Files to Google Drive from Gmail

So this might be a silly post.

It’s actually something that I have been thinking about for a long time.

One of the features that has been missing from Gmail is a way to save an attachment directly to Google Drive.

It seemed ridiculous that this feature did not exist.

It is just such an intuitive feature especially if you are using a Chromebook.

I scoured the Internet to find a way to do this.

I found outdated solutions that used Google Drive scripts and such.

I created IFTTT rules.

But those solutions were all overly complicated.

So how do you save to Google Drive from Gmail now?

It is integrated. Each attachment shows up at the bottom of your message as an icon.

If you click on the icon, a preview will popup.

When you hover over the icon, there will also be an icon to download the attachment or Save it to Google Drive.

When you save it to Google Drive, it gives you the option to choose which folder you want it saved in or create a new folder.

If it is a spreadsheet, document, or otherwise editable, it will give you an icon to edit it. (That’s the pencil).

Screenshot 2013-11-25 15.46.40

So now Gmail is perfect.

For now.